SHOT #31     T.B.D.
June 2020

We regret to announce that due to the ongoing coronavirus scourge that is afflicting China, 
the proposed SHOT in Kunming slated for June 2020 has to be called off. 

A replacement venue will be decided very soon.

YK's run report from Shot #30 in Pai, 

Links to Shot-30 Pai Photos
(from Hash Flash)

Group Photo

Friday Night 1 
Friday Night 2 

Solstice 2019 Run Start highlights
Solstice 2019 Run Finish Highlights
Solstice 2019 Run Finishers 2
Solstice 2019 Run Finishers 3
Saturday Run ON ON 

Solstice Recovery Run
Solstice Recovery Run

From the Shot-30 Pre-lube run with CH4
Shot #31
No information yet !

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