SHOT #31     Betong, Southern Thailand
19-21 June 2020

The Solstice Hash On Tour marches on to Run # 31 on June 19-21, 2020, despite the virus! Albeit, for a change, instead of flying to run at the selected venue, we will drive to our next destination! 

True to our credo, it will be held at another idyllic and exotic location - the southern Thailand enclave of Betong!

Take an historical trek through the communist-dug Piyamit Tunnels, be enchanted by the temperate Gardens of Suan Mai Dok Meung, dip into and savour the hot springs and Spa nearby, tour the various villages set up for remnants of the former communists, or enjoy the vista of the sea of clouds in the early morning at the Aiyoeweng Dam.

Accommodations have been pre-booked at a resort and nearby hotels. Details of registration will be announced soon.

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Group Photo

Friday Night 1 
Friday Night 2 

Solstice 2019 Run Start highlights
Solstice 2019 Run Finish Highlights
Solstice 2019 Run Finishers 2
Solstice 2019 Run Finishers 3
Saturday Run ON ON 

Solstice Recovery Run
Solstice Recovery Run

YK's run report from Shot #30 in Pai, 

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From the Shot-30 Pre-lube run with CH4