Chiang Mai 
12-Dec     All day      Check in Hotel – Free & Easy
13-Dec     9.30am     Chiang Mai City Run
13-Dec     1.00pm     Check Out. Find your  own way to Pai

13-Dec     6.30pm     Registration at Belle Villa in Pai.
13-Dec     8.30pm     Free & Easy
14-Dec     3.00pm     Main Run
14-Dec     7.00pm     Dinner
14-Dec     9.00pm     Free & Easy

15-Dec     10.00am   Recovery Run
15-Dec     12.30am   Lunch
15-Dec     13.30pm   The End

Most Hashers are flying on Thursday, 12-Dec-2019


KL to Chiang Mai
1st Flight – 06.55 arriving 08.40 in Chiang mai
2nd Flight – 12.45 arriving 14.35 in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai to KL
1st Flight – 09.10 arriving 13.00 in KL
2nd Flight – 15.10 arriving 19.05 in KL

Land Transportation - 
It takes at least 3 hours (Leisurely) from Chiang Mai to Pai.
Best Mode is to hire a Car or Van before arrival to Thailand.

Weather during December is cool & dry. Hi/Lo - 28°/15° 
Bring along warm clothing & a small bag for main run.
It will be nice to bring along a foldable chair for the circle after our Main run.

Transport from Chiang Mai to Pai
We are making arrangements with the People Place Hotel front desk/concierge to provide
services to arrange Van for hire that can seat 11 pax (Recommended 9 pax only with small

Cost is around 3000 baht one way. The pick-up will be at the hotel itself.
Please contact Ms Malinee +66 81 8140410 (Bangkok Harriettes) before end of August.
This is not individual ticket sale. Booking will be on a van basis , hence get your grouping to book

Transport from Pai to Chiang Mai
Pai Easy Travel Adventure is our contact agency in Pai in all extracurricular activities.
Please contact Mr God for any special arrangements. 
Tel : +66 81 0274300 – Mr God. (he uses What's App)

Transport to Chiang Mai Cost is around 3000 baht one way. Pick-up can be arranged at your

Please contact Mr God before end of August. 
This is not individual ticket sale. Booking will be on a van basis, hence get your grouping to book ahead.

Mr God will show you the way to all the Best Food in town, Best Massage joints, Best Bars, Best
Tattoos, Best place to rent a Bicycle or Scooter, Zip Lining, Water Rafting, Trekking Etc…..
Michael Sanders,
Aug 13, 2019, 2:59 AM