Registration fee is RM 280. 

Please fill in the on-line registration form linked below, and pay the registration fee to Kamikaze's bank account.

Bank details for registration payment.
OCBC Malaysia
Account Number: 787-104631-5
Name: Settergren David Michael
Any checks (cheques) must have the name as stated above.

After you have completed the payment, please send an email to and with a copy of the transaction details for confirmation.

Please note that there were excess funds left over from Shot #23 in Kaohsiung, and those that went to the Kaohsiung shot may still be entitled to a one-time rebate of RM50. Those that went to shot#24 will most likely have already used their rebate. Please make a note in the "Other info" section of the rego form, if applicable.

Summary of Responses Received so far.
If you want to see an updated list after entering your registration details, please reload this page first.

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