Registration fee for Vang Vieng SHOT is RM 280. 

But ... if you went to the Miri Shot #25, then you are entitled to a RM 50 rebate and will only need to pay RM 230  (since leftover funds from that event).

If you qualify for the rebate, then please notify Nim Chee when you pay. If you've already paid, then also contact Nim Chee for your rebate options.

Fees include:
  • Freebies, snacks and drinks at the Friday registration night.
  • Transportation to and from the runsite.
  • SHOT runs on Saturday, Circle and On On.
  • Hangover Run and lunch on Sunday.
  • And of course – beer at all the functions!

Please fill in the on-line registration form linked below, and pay the registration fee to Nim Chee's bank account.

Malaysian bank details for registration payment.
Public Bank
Account Number: 3091378207
Name: Yoong Nim Chee

After you have completed the payment, please send an email to and to Nim Chee at with a copy of the transaction details for confirmation.

Summary of Responses Received so far.
If you want to see an updated list after entering your registration details, please reload this page first.

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