Numbers will be limited to 150 only (venues in Senggigi cannot take more). 
Note that you are only registered once you have paid!

Registration fee is RM 280

Fees include:

  1. Freebies, snacks and drinks at the Friday registration night 
  2. Transportation to and from the runsite 
  3. SHOT run on Saturday, Circle and On On
  4. Hangover Run and lunch on Sunday
  5. And, of course, – beer at all the functions! 

Payment methods: 

1. Transfer RM to Liz’s account: 
        HSBC Account Number: 359072451109.
        Name: Elizabeth Sian Mulliss
        (please email confirmation of transfer to

2. Cash to Liz or Emilia (please send email to to confirm)

Please register as early as possible – after 30th April 2018 freebies cannot be guaranteed.

Once you have registered, if you can’t go, then feel free to sell your registration. Email to advise of transfer with your name and name of recipient. Note that after 30th April 2018, freebie sizes cannot be changed.

Summary of Responses Received so far.
The "paid" information in the second last column will be updated about once a week.

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