SHOT #36

Dates: 28-30 June-2024
Location: Kunming, China
Hares: Opera, Aloysius Ee


Uchoice Kunming Hotel
No.1 Jiangbin West Road
Wuhua District

Tel +86 871-6511 6666

It may also be known as "Kunming Xiqiao Hotel".

Google Maps Link:

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Kunming it is, finally! This destination for SHOT has been bandied about for some years, and was supposed to finally host us in June 2020 until scuppered by the pandemic and got overridden by other more accessible and equally alluring places. 

Kunming sits on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, and was historically important for being the site of an American-led air base featuring the iconic Flying Tigers fighter pilots pitted against the marauding Japanese occupiers during WW2, and was also the transport terminus of the hugely significant Burma Road that supplies much-needed war armaments from India. 

The average altitude in the city is 1900m, giving it a mild summer perfectly suited for hashing with daytime temperatures in June hovering around 25C and nighttime in the late teens. 

Beyond hashing from June 28-30, we will be spoilt for choice in terms of prospect for Side Trip forays: you could head up north to Dali/Lijiang/Tiger Leaping Gorge/Shangri-la; eastwards by hi-speed rails to neighbouring Guizhou province to attractions such as Huangguoshu Waterfalls (China’s largest)/Xijiang Miao Minority Village/Qingyan Ancient Town/ Fanjing Shan Mountain; or down south to Shilin Stone Forest/Pu’er Tea Area/Xishuangbanna. If you choose not to venture too far, there are a wide range of attractions within the confines of the city. And, for the intrepid ones, to wrap up your trip to Kunming, how about taking the new train route down all the way to Vientianne, Laos?

Registration for this SHOT will open on March 3, and as per usual, numbers will be limited to 180, and once paid up, there will be no refunds; those unable to make it will have to find their own replacements.



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