SHOT #32

Date: 17-19 June-2022
Rescheduled: 16-18 June-2022
Location: Krabi-Aonang, Thailand
Hare: Anand "Pussy Hunter"


SHOT #32 in Krabi is moved forward, but only just!

Many of the registrants heading to Krabi for the SHOT were dealt a shock when they were informed by Air Asia that their flights have been rescheduled, leading to them scrambling to make sense of how they are going to re-time and re-organise their travel plans in order to make it to the event. The SHOT management quickly convened an emergency meeting to find a solution to the quandary, and have decided to bring forward the SHOT dates by one day, which fits quite nicely into the twice-weekly flights that Air Asia still mantain to the sector.

Since the KL-Krabi sector now runs only on Wednesdays and Sundays, it becomes imperative to host the event from Thursday June 16 to Saturday June 18 (instead of the original June 17-19). Those flying in from KL on June 16 who have their flight moved forward to June 15 are OK with the new SHOT dates. However, those booked to fly in on June 17 have theirs bumped to June 19, which is untenable. If you are caught in this predicament, the SHOT management has decided to assist by way of getting a collective group rescheduling so that you could have your flight changed to Wednesday June 15, and returning to KL on June 19.

Please email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and inform Ben of your intention to change your flight date by providing your actual name and booking number soonest possible, which is IMMEDIATELY.

Accommodation: those of you who have booked your accommodation at the Bluesotel Krabi via Ben, you must also inform her to assist in making changes to the dates you will now need to stay there with the change in event dates.

A bit of inconvenience, but everything else, especially an expectant weekend of fun, remains.


Finally, our wayfaring hash is travelling overseas again!!!
Yes! We have decided to host SHOT #32, in neighbouring Thailand, on the south-eastern twin towns of Krabi-Aonang, which are approximately halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. This choice is made so that in this covid era, more flexibility can be had in how one travels - either by air, road, or a combination of rail & road.

For the uninitiated, both Krabi and Aonang sits by the coastal strip amidst limestone outcrops and karst topography, affording stunning views with iconic islands that harbours gorgeous corals. Snorkeling and diving are magnificent in the surrounding waters, and rock climbing is also a sport of choice.

In this less developed corner of Thailand, there are ample hashing ground to stomp. As elsewhere in the Land Of Smiles, the world famous sumptious Thai cuisine await our intrepid hashers. And, as always, opportunity to rest and relax is aplenty with the soothing ways of the Thais.

On On to Krabi-Aonang! 
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Travelling to Thailand during Covid.

As from 01-May, you still need to apply for a Thailand Pass to enter Thailand. 

The Thailand Pass can be got from this website

The Thai government will be reviewing the future of Thailand Pass on 20-May, so dont rush to get your TP yet.

Getting a Thailand Pass is easy, and you will need to upload your passport details, vaccination certificates and apply for covid medical insurance for the duration of your stay. This insurance can be purchased inside the Thailand Pass website.



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