SHOT #33

Dates: 8-10 December-2022
Location: Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Hares: Chris Tan & Ken Gurusamy


As announced on other social media chat groups, the upcoming SHOT #33 will be held on the idyllic but hitherto lesser known island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam, from December 8-10.

The dates chosen were determined by Airasia’s twice-weekly flights there from Kuala Lumpur on Wednesdays Tuesdays and Sundays, so our event will stretch from Thursday - Saturday.

And, as per recent experiences, the number allocated for the event of 180 pax was very quickly snapped up within 24Hrs of opening for registration! 

Different times and circumstances calls for different strategies and approaches, and this is a rare situation where we decides on the dates and location based purely on the availability of flights there, despite the volunteer hares haven’t even made a recce foray there yet - in fact, the hares have NEVER set foot on the island before - and rego fees has to be conjectured. However, we have complete faith on our very experienced and dedicated team, so we are raring… 

Participants must be advised, though, that flight seats are limited to only 180pax on the Airasia plane, and maybe just a few more. Therefore, it makes prudent sense to book your flights soonest possible to avoid a late premium levy or, even worse, a full house! In that case, you will have to make detour flights either via Bangkok on Bangkok Airways or Thai-Vietjet, or by way of HCM City on the Vietnam Airlines (and maybe even other Vietnamese airlines). If all else fails, perhaps make your way overland cum ferry via Southern Vietnam or from Sihanoukville in Cambodia.

On On!!!  


Shot-33 Registration page.  Click here.

Hash Hotel and Accomodations details.    Click here.



The rescheduling of Airasia's flights to Phu Quoc island in Vietnam have been confirmed, much to the relief of some, and the consternation of others. Relief in that our overall SHOT # 33 events can all go ahead without interruptions, and our general holiday plans are not so severely impacted, but consternation because some travel plans have to be rescheduled and additional leave - and expenses - have to be incurred.

So, yes, those of us flying out of Kuala Lumpur have to fly in a day earlier (December 6th), and the return flight has been brought forward to an unfriendly hour instead of a leisurely afternoon stroll to the airport. And, it must go into our record to have our events and/or our travel plans somewhat upended - on consecutively occasions, it must be noted - due to Airasia's 'operational' issues, an insensitive profit-driven euphemism that is not lost on many of our exasperated members. We shudder to think of the inconvenience other members have to endure in having to re-arrange their multiple-flights to the event.

It behooves us to plan, in future, for destinations that are served by multiple airlines, rather than to depend on the sole budget carrier that has served us fairly well in times past, but has in recent experiences crashed to an undependable and unacceptable level.

On On to Phu Quoc!



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