Lustful Wanderers S.H.O.T. !


Hashes are, for practical reasons, locality based, which accounts for why almost all clubs are named after the towns/cities/regions where they originate from and congregate for their runs. Because there are no fixed and fast rules, no insufferable and condescending authority to impose DOs and DON’Ts – a sacrament most holy to all hashers – majority of hashes have developed their very own unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies, coming in various guises and concepts with different or marginally altered sets of rules/bylaws. The resultant lack of homogeneity is what makes inter-hashing, or hashing with chapters other than one’s own, so interesting.

The mushrooming of hash clubs and consequently the increasing frequency of celebration runs in recent years has spawned inter-hashing activities and travels as hashers, most of whom are naturally wanderlust with a big dose of travel bugs in them, visit and reciprocates visits. Of late, this wayfaring hashing trend has been made more affordable due in large part to the availability of economy/budget flights. Whereas the average person traveled overseas perhaps only once a year just 20 years ago, he/she could now afford to venture abroad 2, 3 or more times yearly, irrespective of the appreciation of real disposable income. Promotional flight tickets offered by Air Asia, Asia’s largest and best networked low cost carrier, for example, could cost less than travels by car, bus, or even train. In fact, if one log in and make internet booking at the opportune time, it could even cost nothing, as a large group of hashers recently found out to their absolute delight.

Latching onto this symbiotic complement between the need for hash travels and the availability cum proliferation of budget flights, a group of like-minded hashers banded together to form the Solstice Hash On Tour (S.H.O.T.) which, as its name implies, hashes twice a year on the weekends nearest to the winter and summer solstices, and always in a different, exotic location. Taking a leaf out of the Interhash tradition, this upstart allows attending participants to choose their next run destination, with interested hares presenting their proposed destinations, and the party that garners the majority vote wins. Whichever destination the members select, it promises to be yet another great sojourn for this group of wandering hashers.

With flight tickets for hares’ recces and a generous dollop of freebies both sponsored by our earlier patron Air Asia, the nascent travelling hash took flight with its inaugural run/excursion to the idyllic destination of Bali in June 2005. Attended by close to a hundred travelling participants from various countries and aided by the local host Bali H3 which turned up in force and helped ground arrangements, the event was an unqualified success. Following in its wake, the succeeding run/excursion to Angeles City of the Philippines was near as well attended. The coming-of-age 3rd run, a milestone that gave it entry into the Hash Genealogy as a properly constituted hash chapter, was held in Koh Samet, Thailand.

Side trips and ancillary events are important constituents, and many turns up with their non-hashing spouses and partners, ample testimony to the wholesome approach and endeavor of the hash.