Friday, June 28, 2024
Registration Party – 7PM

The registration party will include beers and snacks.
Saturday, June 29

9.15am - Morning pre-run city tour: all participants will be taken on an f.o.c. tour of some of Kunming’s attractions in the morning and early afternoon, prior to the run in the late afternoon. Participants are to bring along their running gear and change of clothes, as the buses will go straight from the tour to the run site.

Run: the run will start at approximately 4pm, and there will be a usual longish and a shorter run. There will be water available for a quick wash after the run, and immediately after the site circle, will adjourn to the restaurant for On On. You will be conveyed back to the hotel after the dinner.

Sunday, June 30

9.30am – Hangover run starts from main hotel. There will be a few beer stops along the scenic route, and run will finish at a restaurant nearby the hotel at approximately 1pm. The weekend’s SHOT affairs is expected to be wrapped up latest by 3.00pm.