Registration is currently full.
The Wait-List is fully subscribed.

Registration fee is RM 500

The registration fee includes:

  • Beer and snacks at the Friday registration.
  • Main Saturday run and circle.
  • Saturday dinner.
  • Hangover run Sunday morning and circle.
  • Sunday lunch.
Deadline for payment  is  was 31-March-2024.
After this date, those that havent paid will be removed from the list to make way for any wait-listed.

Once paid up, there will be no refunds. So those unable to make it will have to find their own replacements.
If you were one of the 12 hashers who had not paid by the 31-March deadline, and who also did not repsond to either of 2 earlier reminder emails, then your registration has been removed & cancelled, to make way for wait-listed hashers.